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Curriculum Vitae

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Research Interests

My current interests span many fields in Earth Science, including:  the igneous and metamorphic evolution of the crust with emphasis on the role of magmas, fluids, and thermobarometry; Precambrian geology and Early Earth; silicate and carbonate diagenesis; the rock record of past climate; astrobiology; mineralogy & gemology; and new technology for microanalysis of stable isotope ratios.

Zircon Research
Crystalline zircons are highly retentive of primary composition and allow correlation of age with geochemistry. Studies of zircon employ many techniques and address fundamental questions of crustal evolution, magma sources and contamination, hydrothermal alteration, and metamorphic protoliths.ERC Logo

MEET: Monitoring Earth Evolution Through Time
The ERC Synergy Grant Project MEET (2020-2026) combines chemical and physical methods to study evolution of Earth from the Hadean to Recent.

WiscSIMS Lab
A primary goal of WiscSIMS is to provide experienced and inexperienced SIMS users with the best possible analytical precision and accuracy for in situ analysis of stable isotope ratios at the scale of 1 to 10 micrometers.

Stable Isotope Lab
The Geoscience Stable Isotope Laboratory focusses on oxygen isotope geochemistry in tandem with WiscSIMS.